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  1. Nan C

    Oh gross! Haha 😅 Dude freaked me tf out!! 😱😳😬

  2. Rebekah Lavers

    Ok im watching this cos it has Chris in it... who is the other guy?

  3. S.F. Studios

    I’m glad I was alone for v day, people are icky

  4. Eleanor Smith

    Aww. I wish I could meet Ariana Grande!

  5. Blandina Mnyinga

    what a coolest first lady Michelle Obama was waoooo!!

  6. Jessabelle Osnan

    JK in black suite is just..... 😍

  7. Abigail brown

    lol what about Lin’s musicals

  8. uwish7

    Her pants are inside out?

  9. Isis Morris

    I like Hansen Borden part😃😂😂😂😂!!!!

  10. Lydia Pierce

    anyone else here after Kobe's passing?

  11. wxezah99

    이 무대는 언제봐도 대박이다

  12. nate

    James Corden’s parents deserve their own show

  13. B hatty

    I miss Sam and cat from the way she laughs 🌸❤️

  14. Jenna Toth

    OMG i feel ashamed because I was cheering for 1999 group and CAMILA CABELLO was sining for 2019

  15. Chris R V

    The bald guy is clearly on cocaine lol

  16. Coconut Vsco

    they did nt mack dab search it up

  17. Virginian

    Harney Peak is taller than Rushmore and its not even 4 miles away lmao. Fuckin stupid answer

  18. 14theroad1955



    They are so dumb...I knew all the answers

  20. misskendrea

    Oh my gosh! They are so adorable! 😍😍


    Damn you can tell this mf ain’t even driving what a shame

  22. Axel Bergström

    Strong 0 to a light 1

  23. W Armstrong

    Bye bye

  24. Trinity Brown

    Watching that bald man was by far my favorite part! Love this!!

  25. Ibelmo Legend

    she look so ugly now sorry

  26. Jayden Rideout

    Do people know how these games work? They knew that they were gonna be embarrassed. Alot of this stuff is staged, and even if it isn't hes making JOKES. People are such snowflakes these days.

  27. Δήμητρα Καδδίτη

    Please do one with Taylor Swift!!!!!!

  28. Wo Harmon Scheiz

    I like this but i like 2013s better

  29. Lommy

    I wish he'd kept his technics a secret.

  30. Alexis Lyman

    9:17 the guy on the left I’m weak 😂😂😂

  31. Heybella

    Love Jason’s confidence, took the beating in the beginning like a champ and was honest throughout

  32. Anthony Walton

    10:48 and 10:49 is just so silly. 1 second he's smiling next he is scared for his life. lol

  33. Elis Lee

    james corden the fucking massively evergrown umbilical cord

  34. yigael romero


  35. Kelly Behlen

    5,600 ludites have downvoted this video.


    I need to write for them. I cant believe when he was flat on that board with wheels and they where spinning he didnt say. . Mavericks on a flat spin and he us heading out to sea...

  37. Dream

    How do you not remember kissing El Jefe de Jefes.

  38. Blazin Unnie

    who else saw thunder thin skittles at 1:44

  39. Bold-erdene Giihnaran

    2:30 v kick j-hope

  40. Angelina Minor-Hernandez

    Tell me why I wasn’t concerned with fish ball or cow stomach in the hot pot, but JAMES CORDEN WTF IS IN THAT PIE?


    What the hell was that landing??? 🤣 omg that was funny spread eagle flop...

  42. Victoria Alaggia

    So funny 😂

  43. Scrotum Guts

    This song was written by Guns'n roses back when Axl used to deliver papers on the corner of the Wimmera HWY and Stawell Street Pimpinio Victoria Australia.

  44. Mookie Things

    Thanks Charles for that TaeKook moment

  45. folklorefox

    This was so awkward in the best way possible 😂😅😍

  46. Раушан Мустафина

    Нереальный голос!!!!!! Сильно

  47. Jaypie Ybut

    What a voice.

  48. po prostu lel

    If RM wouldn't where is Jungkook, no one would find him lmao

  49. Elisa Cutino

    wow just amazing <3

  50. j hope

    Amooo el peinado de Yoongi

  51. Pansbeetna On the beat


  52. Angelina Hovannisyan

    BTS ARMY ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤МОЙ❤❤❤❤

  53. Cava Hussein

    you now what i mean its disco time hahahaha

  54. FlyingJustToFall

    Why does ANYONE choose to play for the row? Unknown people who didn't do anything. (most of them) Im not selfish in general, but why not take 750 for yourself?

  55. j hope

    Carpool with BTs yeahhhh

  56. Stewart

    10:44 that landing looks uncomfortable 😣

  57. j hope


  58. Carlo

    Her voice sounds different

  59. Eva Lorlin Plaza

    “But now real talk, you’ll always be known as the guy who is not Chris Rock” - James 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Ramazan Hamza

    Even Her mom’s voice is also nice tho

  61. pat comerford

    This man is still not choosing to control what he does with his hands and food!

  62. Ozakii

    Imagine a Billie Eilish and XXX tentacion collaboration.

  63. MyWatcher23

    Celine is amazing ❤️

  64. Vivian Iscarra

    Me río para no llorar por los subtítulos que dicen "SINGING IN KOREAN"

    1. j hope

      Same :((

  65. Eileen Plett

    omg love. deserves the world as attention tbh

  66. Christopher Sharman

    How the heck did this guy get his own show. I'm a brit and nobody here finds him funny

  67. Rupanjali Sinha

    Happy birthday Billie Joe Armstrong 💖

  68. Šweati Dr!p

    No one: David Blaine: push more

  69. Greta Gjura

    Niall over there dying everytime they open the boxes hahahahha I love this person

  70. Greta Gjura

    They should have opened the last two boxes at the same time!

  71. User Three

    This is a normal car ride for theater kids.

  72. Jungkookie Jeon

    I showed this to my dad and he said the most touching words.. He said.. "I've never seen much beauty and talent in a man.. They are both amazing and handsome".. He even thinks that seokjin is the most handsome one

  73. Abantika Chatterjee

    The thumbnail makes me wanna poke Namjoon's dimple so bad🥺


    Take a break: with god

  75. Lommy

    I love it when James says Don't you even dare. 😂

  76. PopPunkExpress

    As a lifelong Green Day fan as listening to the album thru twice I can say with full confidence that this album was absolute shit 1.5/10 at best

  77. Veronica Villarreal

    James end "thang thang thang" Inspo on the half time show lol

  78. Randi Lacey

    Honestly, most talk show hosts act like complete goobers around the animals these experts bring on. I don't know if they're putting it on or what, but it's so silly. Having proper respect for them is good... but if you're that afraid, why have them on? LOL

  79. Dino Terrors

    Aww the leopards are so cute

  80. موسى حسين

    Wow BTS BTS BTS l Love you too 😣😣😣😣😢😢😢

  81. Ned Stark

    Cara Delevingnge in real life is similar to Harley Quinn

  82. Woah It’s Winter

    Jimin and James hugging 🤗

  83. wkingbg

    I can’t believe that she stood on top of the car

  84. Sanya Sharma

    Please james do carpool karaoke with little mix .

  85. daniela herrera

    omg me encanto

  86. HopesForKookies Official

    Grammy is sleeping on bts. 🙄 BTS deserves so much more than a Grammy.

  87. ،•Army suga STAN •،

    بعدني ما ماله منها 🥺

  88. Nicole Mattjie

    Friends reference there... 7

  89. Asa Finnick Rhys Booth

    Northampton ayy 😂💪

  90. slysm .m


  91. Khaled Abdulnabi

    i hope this girl never loses herself

  92. YouTube’s Holy Water

    Why is oneindig talking about teahyung his breathlessly “yeah” at 2:40

  93. Joany TAE* ARMY


  94. Nisha with a pinch of aqsie

    Song that will kill you : BABY SHARK DOO DOO DOO DOO DOOO DOOO

  95. GG Dmr

    Ya bi sus da kızın sesi i duyak be.

  96. Eiko85

    Can we stop assuming that foreign movies are low quality now. I think that is the reason why english speaking countries refuse to watch foreign films. If people in other countries can manage to read subtitles why can't the english.

  97. Jennifer Solange More condori

    me encanto 🥰🥰

  98. Naomi Calva

    2:26 the staff crew were so good to Taehyung, they even help him hide from James and Ashton 🥰


    مستحيل اتخطاها

  100. sukar salam

    Guys listen! BTS made a collaboration with Sia and 'ON' digital MV will be released as lead single. Black Swan is so good but still not a lead mv. I can't wait no more😎