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  1. Jayden Jordan

    James and Grayson should really get together

  2. Emma Mechlin

    I am Claustrophobic

  3. Yamaha Chan

    I live in hawaii 👁️👄👁️ Edit:but I live in the first island Soo yeah ;-;

  4. Felicity Shaw

    Love you Grayson Dolan

  5. Elmoii

    Me and my Mom have Tryphobia 😂😅

  6. Lauren Walters

    I love james i watch him all the time

  7. Irabumci Irabumci

    -hold my hand -mwchhh -eW -sry i felt the LoVe

  8. patricia cameron

    seakgeek david dobrik?

  9. Michelle Huerta

    "Inchessss honeyyyy!"

  10. Daisy Pennick

    I’m binge watching 😭 this is the cutes shit iv seen all week 🥺

  11. Christiana

    *Shane* about to drop a docuseries on makeup with his collaboration with Jeffree Star, ready to shock the world. *Fenty beauty* Oh my, we better not lose ground. Quick, find a youtuber who would pretend to do a makeup line with us but isn't from the beauty community cause those people would get offended if we didn't take them seriously. Just show them like doing some makeup and then pretend to create something in the lab from 10 jars. Oh and what did Jeffree say they did next? Made a pitch? Yeah, make them do a pitch. Cool, wrap it up! *Shane, sitting on 11 months of footage, dedicating his whole year to this, going to countless business meetings, buying almost every makeup he can find and trying it on and choosing from thousands of colours to make a full collection(eyeshadow, lips, gloss&balm)* AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  12. Calloomi-C

    I don’t think these r working

  13. Calloomi-C

    Hey bud take a sip of this juice

  14. Call me bitchacho¡


  15. Ruthanne dorsch

    You guys haven’t been to the warehouse in a long time

  16. namja myeon

    I actually think that jeffrey looks more beautifull when three of them sat together. lmao

  17. Besh Zh

    Grayson started posing IM 💀

  18. Gabi 1784

    Hello again ❤️ I love this 😂😍❤️

  19. Emma Wrolstad

    E: all right get up I got to get my PB&J G: bro I’m eating my trail mix give me a sec 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  20. Jade Bradley

    all i got to say is - 😮

  21. Ellynn Amundson

    Stop fighting please if it’s a joke please it kinda annoying

  22. Besh Zh

    So you peeping shit but not bitch

  23. Kaitlyn Morris

    I hate when people eat with their mouths open because they smack their lips and food

  24. Alexandra Arbelaez

    22:32 it looks like a penis.... I will stop talking 😬

  25. sydney bottari

    42:42 seeing too much of ur face? ETHAN I CANT GET ENOUGH OF YOUR FACE PLS

  26. alexaaa the bitchh


  27. The April & Charlie Show

    Grayson must have forgotten about the overalls he wore when he wrapped all of Ethan's stuff lmao

  28. Ashdon Miller

    Ethan : IM SWWWOOOOOOLLLLLLEEEEEEEN Jk I aint a lil Bi***

  29. sydney bottari

    this video i haven’t watched it twice wow i love u

  30. S W

    :(( they didn’t say “what’s up guys we’re back”

  31. Sparklez 88


  32. AhmaLyra

    What fun! You need to cut air holes in the storage bin lids under your foam beds otherwise you will get mold there.... guaranteed. Looking forward to seeing the completed van and hoping you have wonderful adventures with her!

  33. May Mwadime

    Ethan: you look very ugly to be honest Grayson:thank you you do too

  34. Alana McFadden

    Where is their toilet and the stuff to wash clothes

  35. InCrIpTiOn

    no fucking way she is blind

    1. InCrIpTiOn

      I mean obviously she is but idk

  36. Taylor Hughes

    You guy should road trip around Canada 🇨🇦

  37. Pandamas

    Is she really blind?

  38. Bacon With a side of Sagittarius

    1955: I hope for flying cars 2019: *people living in vans*

  39. Charlie The Night

    Omg your singing is 👌🏼

  40. Reece Elgin

    Grayson has guts for just getting in the box because I could never do that!

  41. salima Marocco

    who immediately thought of Jenelle. MEE!

  42. Katie Ruddy

    everyone giving james shit for “faking it” he just wasn’t feeling the hypnosis and trying to get into it

  43. Salma Eid

    My Dad past away 4 years ago when I was young and I cry every night and listen to sad songs And my dad died from stomach cancer, I was so young that I didn’t realize how bad that is, you helped me so much. Thank you. 😔♥️

  44. THE beast of the East

    You start SVsel on my birthday so i love you guys can I be in one of your videos please

  45. Cindy P

    Singing only hurts when your doing it wrong.... ( well that’s what my choir teacher told me)

  46. Emily Pugh

    Where are they gonna showerrrr

  47. Luna LaRose

    I didn't see the person in the back during carpool karaoke at first but when I did, *I WAS FREAKED FT OUT*

  48. SØŁØ

    They Look Like The White Chicks Lmao

  49. Eman Zahra

    So your telling me that Ethan talking in the sponsor at 0.25x playback speed isn’t hilarious? Lmao

  50. MOJANG Madness

    Does any one else think ethan look like an eboy!?!??!😂😂

  51. aj neu

    The edit when Grayson says "big beefy wheels" legit killed me 😭😂

  52. Jazlyn Tatiana Mae

    “um we rock paper scissored for it”

  53. The April & Charlie Show

    I wonder if Ethan still feels this way 10:24

  54. Stephanie M3za

    So are they never gonna get a girlfriend

  55. Gwen Neblett

    the dolan/sisters

  56. Indiana Smith

    why did Grayson look like he was going to cry in the beginning?

  57. Emma Tyson

    lol ethans in distress

  58. SuperKiki156

    Thanks for the information! This looks interesting, has anyone tried this?

  59. Sarah Cantelon

    They’re so innocent. I love these two so much. 💜💜💜

  60. unidentified

    isnt ethan left handed or is he ambidextrous

  61. haya moursi

    Hears "Seatgeek" My brain: David dobrik: "whatsupguystoday'svideoissponceredbyanamazingappcalledSeatgeek"

  62. Cookie Kat

    This man need some MILK

  63. Rose

    That fact that most of the people here didn't know what mesophonia was before this video literally makes me want to cry lol. Mesophonia is really frustrating because (not to sound rude) if you don't have it you can't possibly understand what it's like. It also doesn't have a cure and it only gets worse over time and it quickly becomes isolating.

  64. Meyah Garrett

    This looks so dope!!🔥🔥🔥 can't wait for the next video😂

  65. Jorge Rey

    Hydro flask

  66. Gaming With Rehab

    Emma does a cartwheel and a back flip while I cant even do a cartwheel

  67. Tammy Hansen

    You 2 plan on living in this... Together? O... K... Get through your intro first then we'll see... Lol

  68. Nicole Kennetz

    Can I join you guys I'll bring my own blanket and sleep on the roof

  69. Gert VB

    My dad made my Google account and I'm called gert my sister calls me chuckly bum

  70. ariana pantiere

    yall should come though Kentucky

  71. Hannah Banana

    Whoa, imagine having enough money to be able to live this sort of life 😍 I hope one day my life will be like this im 15 but running my own little business which doesn't make me much money, because i have a dream of going to equine college next year. Im not good enough to go yet, since i cant pay for the lessons i need and i can only go once a week, and i have until February to be at the right standard 😭😭 It would have been easy for most people, but having been in poverty to the age of 9, suffering 5 years of traumatic domestic abuse and being homeless twice, as well as being physically bullied to the point of suicidal thoughts, and my dad leaving me age 5, its not been easy. This dream is very recent which makes it even harder since the time i have is limited 😭 im in a better place now mentally but, god i need a miracle to get this placement 💙

  72. Jaydah Smith

    Anyone else see Ethans face when Gray said "it fits right in" 😂😂😂

  73. CandiB D

    Ummm... Sweeties, Luigi & Mario.. I'm not Italian buuutt isn't that "macaroni" "rotini"??? Someone educate me plz. I'm a bit confused #rawisalwaysbetter #butdangerous #yadontwannachoke 😉

  74. The Shining

    Ethan and this girl are dating now

  75. Edgar Acosta

    Fuck the police

  76. Nija Ni

    lol i love that the twins didn't complain not once!! 💗

  77. Joretah Muller

    Grayson :kisses Ethans hand Ethan :no man! Grayson :sorry bro, i just felt the love😂😂😂

  78. Joretah Muller

    Grayson :sorry mom i didn't curse😂😂

  79. Jerry Maynard

    omg i love you guys shout me out bro let’s be chilling dog

  80. Littleface

    For people that are disgusted, it’s not puke it’s spit up. Just helpin out people with vomit phobias lmao 👍

  81. Xo Mood

    Anyone else notice that creepy doll at 8:01 just sitting on Ethans nightstand 😂

  82. Nija Ni

    aw they look so older now with facial hair

  83. Michelle Mwaura

    The slideshow at the end made me cry😭 I love seen them genuinely happy it make me smile😁😁😁😁

  84. Roger Thurtell

    What happened to the hats

  85. Vicky .9x

    Keeping up with the dolans...

  86. Ryan Thomas

    Such an inaccurate video. Since when are students this cute and sexy?

  87. Isaiah Osborne

    And honestly that last picture of you guys should be the new profile pic. Like so they can see it!!!

  88. Willma Bäckström

    So cool omg, well done

  89. jodi louise

    It's a shame Jeffree got lazer hair removal, I would've LIVED for him doing #movember

  90. Olivia Ford

    Why is Grayson like 100x hotter in this video

  91. g

    the fact that I understood everything Grayson was saying cause I always help my dad remodel the house 😂

  92. ‡ʍօօղ ӀíցհԵ‡

    Everyone: 2019 anyone? Me: nope 2099

  93. II AlexTube TV II

    16:28 lol

  94. Isaiah Osborne

    I like how the camera crew is involved. It is almost like a bonding experience between them all. So great to see them all together having fun

  95. adel linheart

    19:33 i felt that

  96. The Dalgs Do

    Pretty cool tho

  97. The Dalgs Do

    Right what about bowls and plates and cutlery and how do u wash ??

  98. NewLife51

    Why does anyone have to move to California to make videos from their own home?

  99. Millie Buglass

    Sister squad

  100. Mandi Snell

    They should also do a mail time segment after they get back (or on the road)!!! Love you Ethan and Grayson!!