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  1. _*-Rose_*- Eberstein_*-

    I dont have tiktok but i wish

  2. svnkiissed

    Imagine getting PAID to kiss ethan dolan, wow i would do it for free.


    R u ever going to be friends with james again.

  4. Maddie Bennett

    When I say I COULDNT BREATHE when jake fucking paul popped up on ft

  5. siqhamosothando dyosi

    So wholesome

  6. Bobis Nguyen

    Who is watching this in 2020 l l l l l v

  7. hi hi

    honestly, Jake Paul doesn’t seem like a bad guy! He seems pretty chill and cool.

  8. Carlee Ripperda

    Who’s watching in 2020?

  9. yaya97ify

    Thats how you appreciate your twins thats a goal bro ❤️

  10. samanvi ravipati

    when one of them that said they look like them is griffin johnson

  11. Click 0N my PR0F!LE P!C FOR FREE V1D30

    Why am I surprised that Jake Paul and them are still friends

  12. Syd The Cool Kid Vlogs

    Omg. The Dolan twins and Jake were my two favorite people 2015-2017. I’m totally like freaking out

  13. Kisara Gjolena

    Who know blackpink and bts like

  14. Samkarli TV

    Yeah! Scary people in public! hahah

  15. Emmaline Parker

    What happened to them?!?

  16. Olivia Gibbs

    They are so precious!!

  17. Paige Desiree

    “I tHoUgT yOu WeNt To HoMe DePoT”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Thick triplets World

    Dixie and Charlie are not twins....not a fan no hate like really no hate

  19. Swig_Swavy cheESe this be good song

  20. Emily Portillo


  21. Moon lxght Vibes

    Anybody else’s remember watching bizaardvark with Dirk Mann who was Jake Paul...ahhh the good old days I use to watch that show 24/7. 😂😔

  22. Sarah Stevens

    who seen the tik tok on jakes account

  23. ayah ahmad

    Why do Grayson and Addison seem cute together?

  24. naima veraaa

    2:02 oml her laugh is so cute😤

  25. Tyler lambrich

    3:39 when did grayson get diamonds on his teeth??

  26. [] B e r r i []

    Gray is such a sweetheart I’ve been watching them since their vine days and once he gets a girlfriend she gonna be treated like the only girl in the world. 💕

  27. l y d i a h a r r i e t

    I love the twins but I dont see these guys being like the sister squad

  28. Dose of Reese Lily

    18:53 sorry but the sky is absolutely stunning 😍

  29. eli cm

    Does anyone remember the 4ou tour. Those were the days man.

  30. Kylie DeProspo

    why did this make me cry help

  31. Ronita Ta Of the day

    love the extreme drive thru prank DO IT

  32. Audrina Krzyzanek

    Love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️💋😘

  33. Norris Nuts Fan

    Dolan Twins: Hey Guys. James Charles: HI sIsTeRs! Emma’s Chamberlain: HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!

  34. micki minajjj

    my mom works at a jail, and when people get arrested there, they throw there belongings in a clean bag. my mom and her coworkers are allowed to go through it and my moms co worker found a brand new apple ipad. my mom found a brand new laptop AND a rolex. my brother and i later went and searched up the price. it was 39,000 dollars. (no one asked but yeah)

  35. Lucida Rose

    Awwwe beautiful brotherly Love!!

  36. Lilly Rose

    Grayson's voice when he says "if you get married you lose" while eating french fries at 15:36

  37. raylay bff

    Who ships gray and addison

  38. Julia Fennell

    Gray you are legit the most kind, genuine guy ever

  39. not my name

    Who's confused abt the way gray acts towards E. Who remembers when Gray used to be a dick towards E😂😂

  40. Mono World

    *Grayson: “ How much was it again”* *Guy: “ 39,146”* *Grayson: about to faint* *Guy: “ And 25 cent”*

  41. Lauren Sellers

    addison is so adorable i love her

  42. Alexis Culver

    this is so awkward to watch haha

  43. Brett

    12:10 don’t waste ur time

  44. Caitlin Walbrin

    i ship addison and grayson, they would be so cute together. who agrees?

  45. Cyane Davis

    The 25 cents??

  46. Ashley Picazo

    the title made me feel poor

  47. Robyn Kirby

    I am Ethan

  48. J_Mountford 05

    When you have 40k to spend and there is a pandemic and u think let’s be a selfless twat and a buy a ott watch or you could donate to charity and help the world.

  49. Laianys Varela

    Yess!, y’all SHOULD get together in real life

  50. TAP 0N MY P!C NOW

    Gray: seeing him happy is more of a gift to me than anything that i could that i could that money can buy and that's on period me: awwww

  51. johnnie

    so touching. the dad had awesome style back in the day and seems like a genuine human being. RIP

  52. Mckenzie lace

    i was just smiling like an idiot for 14 mins straight

  53. Spacie Gracie

    Watching Grayson n Addison flirt with each other is so cute to me

  54. that Kid

    40 grandddd man

  55. Grace Demacopoulos

    I know they already did but since they have a new house now I think they should customize each other’s rooms again

  56. Yee yee Yee

    One of my favorite things: Grayson doing intros on his own

  57. jasmine


  58. livie loeffler

    whenever i have IHOB i play this video and just eat it while watching them lol

  59. Blown Bloxers

    Everyone copies ZHC’s thumbnails smh

  60. Valerie Guerrero de Luna

    icus me im am 8

  61. Queenwolf_09

    Words cannot even describe how much I wholeheartedly love seeing sibling love. I had a brother whom I loved as much as Grey loves Ethan. I lost him 5 years ago. So whenever I see this kind of affection and kindness it always makes me cry. This was such an adorable video. The world needs more people as thoughtful as Grey.

  62. N. A

    So that means there's actually still hope???

  63. Abbigale Dukes

    Sometimes I forget that ethan is the older twin bc he’s 🥰

  64. Riley Brennan

    When are you going to do a house tour?!


    So our views and likes paid for the watch, It’s like our gift to him too ❤️

  66. yuka a

    im crying :') congrats guys!!!

  67. Zharwira

    For 3 minutes straight I forgot that grayson has long hair now and i thought that it was ethan talking at the beginning

  68. Hoor Quddoosiya

    I just realised that the og tik tok stars and the new ones are in one video....

  69. TAP 0N MY P!C NOW

    Of course the old time friend who has all those things is Jake Paul.

  70. pablo p

    It's sad to watch this video because this is when they were slowly separating

  71. TAP 0N MY P!C NOW

    THE WAY ETHAN SAID “it’s not jakes” was SO CUTE 😭😭😭 i guess since they are in LA now we are going to see so many more creators in their videos! I cant wait!!

  72. •*lxddrie_animations*•

    Lisa and lena i think looks mostly the same

  73. Vanessa Ruiz

    Who is watching this in 2020😂

  74. Logan G

    They all have too do a clab together after covid

  75. Haley Avveduto

    k but why do i ship grayson and addison, they look cute togther

  76. Deweyn Animation

    I'll never understand this but I'm happy for ethan

  77. 1K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video

    *Is it just me or when Jake is with the Dolan twins he’s more “likeable”*

  78. 1K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video

    *Is it just me or when Jake is with the Dolan twins he’s more “likeable”*

  79. alexia olejnik

    is it only me who thinks addison and grayson would be a good couple

  80. 1000 Subs with no Videos challenge

    To the people that likes this I hope that you become wealthy and have all of the things that money can’t buy one day. God Bless

  81. 1K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video

    *the day gray gets a girlfriend she’s gonna get treated like a queen tell me i’m wrong*

  82. 1K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video

    *the day gray gets a girlfriend she’s gonna get treated like a queen tell me i’m wrong*

  83. Random_ TV

    E: Did you get get yourself one too? Grey: nah E: HmMMm

  84. emma ferreira

    jake standing there like: 👁👄👁my brother made a diss track abt me

  85. Lisa.Linden18

    4th time watching this and it still makes me smile 😊

  86. 1K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video

    *Why is nobody talking about how adorable E was about the fake gift and didnt want to hurt gray*

  87. 1K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video

    *Why is nobody talking about how adorable E was about the fake gift and didnt want to hurt gray*

  88. Maggie Palamar

    His house warming gift should be a new couch if u saw in the beginning


    Grayson: buys $40,000 for Ethan me: brother forgets my birthday

  90. Erica Ages

    LOVE THIS! May or may not have cried a little.

  91. Ayesha Crombie

    Woah lol I literally couldn't recognize Jake at first bc of his beard until I heard his voice😮😂

  92. Melyssa Arrazola

    I was literally laughing the whole video 😭😭

  93. Auristela Prinsessa Widjaja

    You guys havent get megan and siera from TC2 you guys should do part two this is fun

    1. Auristela Prinsessa Widjaja

      They also have their own chanel

  94. Natali Haim

    The 25 cents got me😂😂

  95. Itsurgirlduh666

    I wanna cry 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  96. SeñoritaCoral

    the fact he had to let his mom know lmaooo meeeee

  97. Lia Happy Official

    The way Grayson told Ethan "Love you, bye" warmed my heart. Yes i know they're twins but it was just so cute!

  98. soha modi

    Grayson get his brother a $40,000 dollar watch as a housewarming gift. My sister gets me Sour Patch kids for my 16th birthday.

  99. Meylin Martinez21

    I have Trypophobia to

  100. Mersi v

    the zoom in at 16:48 is Tip top videography eathen. XD