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  1. wfmikeie

    "And that's how you lose balls games" *Cowboys snap the ball*

  2. swevon king

    I love it when y'all Talking Heads do not back Ravens I love it.. ravens all day

  3. Paul Third

    Called Russell Wilson. "The battle tested superbowl MVP" But not an MVP and hasn't won a playoff game since LOB broke up.

  4. Mostwantedjk

    Eagles fan we lost 3 in row wtf wentz Cowboys wtf we lost to the bears df dak Playoffs: 😂 😤✌🏾🤦🏾‍♂️😩🤔

  5. Timothy Szabo

    This is it. Winner goes to the Super Bowl. Score is tied. 30 seconds left in the game. You still have three timeouts left. It's third down. In the huddle, you have the best deep threat receiver in NFL history that can regularly catch passes in TRIPLE coverage and another receiver with the best hands since Lynn Swann. You have the ball, a free down and enough time to take another shot downfield. You control your own destiny...... what do you do??? Well, you take a knee, of course. The fans knew that was a critical mistake- that's why they were booing. After that tremendous comeback from the Falcons, Denny Green was happy to settle with a tie and go into overtime. A better coach would not have given up and would have would have tried one last time to get in field goal range. Why not? What do you POSSIBLY have to lose? An incomplete pass? Was Denny afraid of throwing an interception and turning the ball over on the opponent's 10 yard line, leaving the Falcons with the ball 90 yards away with 15 seconds and no timouts left? Denny had a fantastic team and he was a really good coach. But with a 4-win, 8-loss record in the playoffs, he will never be remembered as one of the best. The team had all the talent in the world but never seemed to be able to win the ones that really mattered. Absolute classic game though. Glad to see it online.

  6. lawrence hill

    I believe in a victory season!

  7. Ice X

    Where's all the love for Rudolph now? 😂😂😂

  8. Mandy Hardwick

    Wow Aaron Rodgers is good! He's my favorite football player

  9. Liberal Rod

    Steelers 30-21

  10. ice

    Harrison butker is the best fg player. So he better make them go into over time.. or something chiefs have a good chance of winning.

  11. Deiradinn Draven

    Just once, once, I'd like to see the Titans win a Superbowl.

  12. Logan Simpson

    Kyler Murray is a joke in the NFL

  13. Survival


  14. lawrence hill


  15. Callum Mackay

    Prescott is the best QB at the moment - cowboys fan 😂 Russle Wilson is the best -me Seahawk’s fan

  16. Green Peanuts

    Cardinals 27 Steelers 24

  17. Faithful Cute

    What makes this bitter sweet for eagles fans is that we just lost to Miami but at least they won against buffalo and Chicago 💀

  18. Deaven Snyder

    That kick 🤣

  19. Life style studio

    Beautiful game🤗, subscribe on my channel for other stuff around world

  20. Eric Brocko2020

    Going to the game this Sunday the niners ain’t ready for the dome

  21. Ranesha Brown

    That's the problem people keep sleeping on the Buffalo bills and this is coming from a Chiefs fan the Ravens need this lost because people need to know at any given Sunday you can loose no matter how good you are! And this is where I see Buffalo bills prepare for a win!

  22. 300game

    I'm embarrassed to be a Cowboy fan after the last couple weeks

  23. Yeet Memes

    Da bears!!! Good for mitch he's showing that he's capable of being a athlete.

  24. ice

    Who is. Excited for chiefs vs patriots

  25. Multibon Media

    I wonder if they won this because they decided not to listen to the coach

  26. Oliver Lacey

    I appreciate that Nagy has started to use Trubisky's athletic abilities vs continuing to suppressing it. 🐻⬇️

  27. Matt M

    I mean honestly though why are people so surprised? They had the same record going in and the only people who ever think that the Cowboys are actually good are the Cowboys. They suck

  28. victor the gucci

    Y didn’t they just give the ball to lynch

  29. Đaewolf

    Those bears uniforms are trash...

  30. Carlos Chavez

    Everybody and there momma know that if Lamar didnt run like that niners would of smashed the ravens

  31. KnightsOfTheWicked-PS4

    Cowgirls are traasshhh.

  32. Brian Gallagher

    I know the season is almost over but here’s my predictions on the nfc south: Saints: 13-3 Buccaneers: 7-9 Panthers: 6-10 Falcons: 5-11 Now NFC north: Packers: 11-5 Vikings: 10-6 Bears: 9-7 Lions: 4-11-1 NFC west: Seahawks: 13-3 49ers: 12-4 Rams: 9-7 Cardinals 5-10-1 NFC east: Cowboys: 8-8 Eagles: 7-9 Redskins: 5-11 Giants: 3-13 AFC south: Texans: 11-5 Colts: 8-8 Titans: 8-8 Jaguars: 6-10 AFC north: Ravens: 14-2 Steelers: 10-6 Browns: 6-10 Bengals: 2-14 AFC west: Chiefs: 11-5 Raiders: 7-9 Chargers: 5-11 Broncos: 5-11 AFC east: Patriots: 13-3 Bills: 12-4 Jets: 8-8 Dolphins: 5-11

  33. Alex Huber

    Finally they let trubisky play the way he wants instead of making him focus on being a passer. He was comfortable last night and look how he played

  34. DevilishPimp

    As a ravens fan, i hope we dont sleep on this team. They are fast n physical. Well rested too. Its gonna be a tough game

  35. Carlos Chavez

    Dude is right you can bearly see the ball because of his dark skin

  36. ConservativeMiddleEastern

    It’s Cynthia, are you all surprised of HER picks? Always surprised when SHE talks football? 🤷🏻‍♂️💯


    5:02 he celebrated to early lol #letsgobears!

  38. Jo mic

    two straight on kickers

  39. Shardul Joglekar

    Let's all agree that this 100th season is turning out to be a hella good season

  40. daAnder71

    As a Seahawks fan whose team went to the playoffs on a 7-9 record in 2011, I am not supposed to complain. But I am, 'cause the 2011 playoffs gave us Beastquake (!) to defeat the regning SB champion Saints! it's a shame that whatever team wins the NFC East, it will have a better seed than some teams with an already better record than PHI or DAL will be able to win. And there won't be a second beastquake with either of them!

  41. vbddfy euuyt

    Im proud of my 49ers. They have played with heart this year.

  42. Bryce Bennett

    This game without Gronk would be different

  43. Jaden Torrence

    9:58 jeez why all the Panthers got visors man ngl they look cool tho

  44. Zachary Cano

    Not an elite Corner Rn . About 90% of passes thrown to him are complete .

  45. Alfonso Meneses

    Los vaqueros de dallas solo le ganan a lo peores equipos osea a Washington y gigantes de New York (malos)

  46. The Madden Man

    WHERE IS JAMES WASHINGTONS CATCH IN THE ENDZONE AGAINST THE BENGALS?? not the one at the start but there was another the next game where he had 2 guys on his that both had pass interferences and still caught it

  47. Dick Dastardly

    Jason Garrett should do what Jeff Epstein didn’t.

  48. Julius Ulit

    Who is the biggest disappointment Cowboys or Chargers?

  49. Mr BOOM

    Poor cowgirls

  50. ItzMeReify

    Why is gronk on the Miami miracle he’s offense but ok defense

  51. Zlijy

    Hate that these projections are so close

  52. Zaira Romero

    I hope bills win

  53. Chris Mercer

    How about them cowboys

  54. David Bordelon

    I want the Saints to win, but I have a sinking, depressing feeling that the 49ers will win.

  55. Black Hole

    Is this the 2017 patriots defense?

  56. Mr Pringle

    I really want Seahawks to have a rematch the Cowboys

  57. colonforsecs

    The Seahawks will stuff another speed bump team. The NFC belongs to the Seahawks.

  58. Victor Palomo

    Haha Haha so the eagles give the cowboys a chance. And not surprising those cowgirls still could not get the job done it's not shocking anymore. Ahahahahaha the worst team in the nfl yes they are! It's good to see this dysfunctional organization always disappoint.

  59. Christopher Columbus

    Sunday guys. Sunday

  60. imnudeknockfirst

    Nobody runs on the #SAINTS ⚜ Not one hundred yard rusher in a long time. They might rip off a long one here and there but if we get pressure on Jimmy G, he's not gonna take over the game. Saints 35 9ers 21

  61. Aeris Slade

    *Cowboys* *>* Bears (Thought the Cowboys would win) *Colts* *>* Buccaneers *Ravens* *>* Bills Lions *<* *Vikings* Redskins *<* *Packers* Broncos *<* *Texans* *49ers* *>* Saints Bengals *<* *Browns* *Panthers* *>* Falcons Dolphins *<* *Jets* *Chargers* *>* Jaguars *Chiefs* *30*-17 Patriots *Titans* *>* Raiders *Steelers* *>* Cardinals *Seahawks* *>* Rams Giants *<* *Eagles*

  62. silence Thunder

    And out of nowhere the Giants win the division!

  63. halesrose vlogs

    Tyreek Cohen doing the flip at the end lmao

  64. Jake Jensen

    Poor cowboys fans, Jason garret is gonna go

  65. John Thomas


  66. R P 3

    Broncos could be 8-4 rn don't cap


    0:07 0:25 0:32 1:04 2:15 2:57 3:25 3:41 4:29 4:52 7:16 8:30 8:50 9:35 10:54

  68. John Thomas


  69. Hannah Hope

    Man I just wish Trubisky would have been playing like this all season.

  70. AkhilDaGamer

    Who is here when it is the second time when they are facing each other this season

  71. Benjamin Space Agency

    Bills 0:00 49res 0:10

  72. isamidnight

    Why was 2:02 not a late hit on the quarterback?

  73. Yummy burger 99

    3:59 Normally you want to look at the ball that gets thrown behind you. Normally yiu also might wanna through it in front of him. Just sayin

  74. AA Gaming

    Bears win let’s GO

  75. Billy Boy Blue

    michael jackson's talent reincarnated....

  76. wait what

    Only time Trubisky will play good against the Cowboys XD

  77. Vortexism Gaming

    Bengals super bowl!

  78. Joe Friday

    Jerry is the New Al Davis except he says "Just Lose Baby! "

  79. John Thomas


  80. Brolysan _213

    My boy #29 doing backflips 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. Dane Martin

    Jerry jones is a complete clueless person when it comes to football. Ihave been watching cowboys football since 1973. He has his head where it dont belong. Besides, if it was not for Jimmy Johnson, jerry would be winless ...

  82. mossboy407

    I'm glad he is tearing they ass up #LamarJackson💪🏾

  83. Jakob Corona

    Has the 100th Season lived up to its hype so far??


    They snapped 😳

  85. John d

    Eli deserves to be on this list

  86. Michael Sanchez

    I said it before on youtube and I'll say it again. Van Noy looks like he'd be hella fun to blaze up with.

  87. Trey Kashflow

    This game and the Saints versus 49ers game 2 Super Bowl like games for week 14 see what happens going to be good

  88. ampharos

    Not at how cowboys are in the division😐 49ers 10-2 wild card

  89. sal mtz

    F U Jerry Jones and your cowgirls

  90. Subscriber Counts

    Gregg and Hawk even know what’s going on too 😂

  91. mikhel bunge

    HB #10!!

  92. Aaron Gerrior

    I think Cynthia's parents only taught her the number 20-30

  93. Leo Manjaro

    These refs are always calling weak calls for new England just to keep them in games n it's cheating the Patriots are done especially brady

  94. King Twin

    At the end Tarik did a backflip

  95. Chidozie Osuji

    Who care NE winning the super bowl anyway

  96. Kyle Runkle

    Notice how it's pretty much all bears highlights until garbage time :D

  97. Kyle Johnson

    Heeey from Pensacola Florida! I told y'all. We are not worried about no cowboys. LETS GO 49ERS!....

  98. CoolBreezy#9

    Remember when Prescott said he was worth 40 million a year?

  99. Thomas Gage


  100. Gabriel B

    Why would we throw a check down to Elliot on 3rd and 22 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️