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  1. The Best of the Bests

    6:15 ok boomer

  2. 大桃雄貴


  3. Crow God

    Rip Hog riders

  4. Fatal Fox

    No ones going to talk about how the spell factory is the exact same as the one from shrek 2

  5. Rakshak Dogra

    2k20 New Troop: The Flying Darian Like 🤣

  6. gabrielrossino

    Can you please keep the bash and carbon commentator pair on. Nothing against Woody, but he screams unnecessarily and doesn’t seem to know what’s going on

  7. Kiyo

    They actually added a yeti. Those old fake leaks actually predicted thie

  8. No video 10M sub challenge

    Yeti ? More like yeet

  9. darkwolf14avatar


  10. The Dark Sentinal

    Wow I saw a leaked image of this but wow it looks way better

  11. Pickle Person

    She’s so broken, even the physics around her is braking.

  12. Gamer Gabe

    There is so much FUCKEN stuff now lol

  13. #22 boy dripin#22


  14. Awnyxx _88

    Join European sweats, we’re lvl 6

  15. Mr. Reagan

    I want to watch the stream but I cant with these new hosts

  16. Marcino Capucino

    Lets updated my townhall to 13

  17. محمد الطائي

    اكو عرب بل تعليقات اخوكم من بغداد

  18. The Striker 777

    Female Captain America

  19. I S U C C M E M E S

    1:50 how life can be sometimes

  20. Darius_Skucas

    No one plays this game anymore

    1. Zoe Gregory

      They just had a million dollar championship. If No one played it would you think they'd be like yo. This game is dead. Let's host a million dollar tournament.

    2. Zoe Gregory

      Darius_Skucas a lot of people would disagree with that statement.

  21. Charlie Flynt

    Electro Dragon + Captain America = this

  22. Maakin Saeed

    1 word overpowered

  23. Reds Maroon

    This character is just too OP.. this wont good for the sake of the game

  24. Brennan Barlow

    6:20 predicted the battle healer in clash royale lol.

  25. Team Nest

    bru my account got permanently deleted and i just logged in and i havent been on for like 3 weeks 😭😭

  26. Enmanuel Hernandez


  27. Bobbymoocow Games

    The ability should be called anti builder hut time waste

  28. Nicholas Malchukova


  29. Александр Матвеев

    8-24, что за воин такой!?

  30. Xiran Liao

    Again, Kinda OP looking, but sooo cool

  31. Shadow Coyote

    oh my goodness it looks ugly to me

  32. Pitreseycamolaviadelretomexity

    Corner buldings: chuckles, I'm in danger

  33. Aidan :

    too op. ruined the game.

  34. Damn Girll

    A spear be fighting with canons and teslas 😂

  35. Ирина Макарова


  36. Burak Turan

    Bu ne ya natural ilk ve saflık bozuldu lütfen oyunun içine ermeyin lütfen

  37. Ralph Israel

    Hey bash

  38. pepr 69

    Yes but she’s so small for a hero

  39. Alfio plays

    I love this christmas update

  40. eldion11

    He's likes capitan america

  41. Alfio plays


  42. jonatan de la cruz

    Captain america hahahahha



  44. Martin Servin

    Who played clash Royale, if u read on what the spears goblins do and u see who even teach the goblins to throw, there ur answer 😎

  45. G G

    Imagine you have 3 seconds left in an attack, activate her ability, but the shield doesn't get the last builder hut before the timer runs out 😂

  46. Shanto Dlx

    what is she Sharon Rogers?

  47. Esteban Abdiel

    Is amazing!!!! :0

  48. Bryan Adona

    Hey can you do a thing for the life guys like th7

  49. Martin Trudel

    Très heureux de voir un 4 emes héros

  50. Mr Raijin

    The new meta will be walking warrior

  51. Corey Maple

    Does everybody know when you press on her and she sounds just like the queen rip off

  52. Aysha Aysha Waheed

    Eve the best

  53. Chris W

    Original comments are dead. SVsel may as well be full of bots.

  54. cow moo

    increase the prices and add more falling snow full cover and snow floor like the 2016 and earlier snow updates, dont do small budget boring snow drops.fix the terrible design for town13 and the bad new max level design its very bad and choose something more vibrant, dynamic and colourful instead of dark and boring.add 10 point multi touch and a wider view zoom out for a certain simple reason and add clock tower gem mine for village and more builder huts and higher storage resources values and night mode for village and fix the bad max level archer barb designs.townhall 9000 confirmed and add a better season pass and in game store and more better all troops skins and dynamics themes, add better floor design and music and background themes. add falling snow like older good themes. and experiment with more added troops and different clash designs, the design can be improved a lot. fix the bad max level designs for everything. add more resources and storage capacity, resources are the best, add diamond ,chrome, shiny, sparkle and gold stuff too, and add a watergun splash troops similar to barbs n archers and add fish/shark troop. fix the worst max level design for archers so it can be upgraded. and add more vibrant colour instead of the main colour as dark grey for building and defense for mid to max levels cause max levels is same grey bad main design,and make all buildings and troops bigger

    1. TheSpookyDragon


  55. artvision studio


  56. Raymond Gao

    Damn supercell is going at it New town, troop, defense, now a new hero

  57. Vort3x Gaming

    Hey! It's my boi Bash!

  58. CJ

    Royal Champion: THE WORST NAME FOR HERO

  59. Grantthe dank

    Spear range be like: no Shield range be like: yes

  60. KING gamang

    This is very nice

  61. Zak1999

    The long haired princess reminds me Leni loud from the loud house

  62. Bu 68

    Birisi açıklamayı çevirsin hayrına tamamını

  63. Thunderage - Geometry Dash & PUBG Mobile

    Captain America has joined the battle!

  64. sugondese nuts

    Ok thats to over powerd

  65. Tareq Riyadh

    Imagine, if they invite Dr Mujtaba clan For a Tournament 😁😁😁


    Hay papi que heroína más guaooo ahosi si sr lucieron😍😍😍😍

  67. TEVENT

    Go in my clan (TEVENT) 6 lvl pls!

  68. Husam Mohammed

    Please please please pretty please 🙏 don’t nerve her She is awesome the way she is now If you want to make her more op be my guest please 😂😂😂😂 This is the best and amazing update done by you supercell Btw: am a player since 2015 am th12 not yet max but am going to th13 asap Much love ❤️ Love the update Love the royal champion

  69. BytriusTheNerd


  70. PVZ Boy

    Boulder got a new job Now

  71. Allan regista

    Im a th 10, soo.... I see no more further urgency to upgrade walls.

  72. Ben Rothermund

    Realization:Heroes Every 2 kbps King:TH 7 Queen:TH 9 WARDEN:11 CHAMPION:13?!?!

    1. TheSpookyDragon

      I thought everyone knew that?

  73. Jessica Parada

    Homemade trailer

  74. 1500000 1500000


  75. PVZ Boy

    So wait we don’t have to waste our elixir to make jump spells so our queen can jump over walls instead of attacking them Clash of clans got 10X Better

  76. Com infinity Corrales

    Camilo. Sesto

  77. Franicc

    This is pathetic

  78. ishaq Qhuduz


  79. Geometry Guy

    Every 2 town halls a new hero is born.

  80. DronyBoi

    id smash

  81. Parv Desai

    Prepare to taste the power of my power

  82. Sani Chopfokho

    Those who are interested with the new Updates.. Hit the Like👍

  83. AweSplat

    She looks like the ram rider

  84. Tejveer Sidhu

    Big update coming

  85. Hugo Leon

    Bring more hero to clash royal

  86. Ákos Tamás Nováki

    Walls could be covered with a spikey plant what would be watered with elixir/dark elixir by the Gardener (a new supporter town unit). These plants could spread like a creep 1 square in every hour in every direction. Balloons could have extra damage flying above them, while dragon air units would rather avoid it. Maybe the roots could affect the Miners too. So such little ideas could shake up CoC and its walls. Even different type of plants could be introduced, so the player could choose which "seeds" should be planted (flower with sleeping spell, spikey cactus type which attacks enemy in range, slowlier spreading plants where the walls would be immune to earthquake spells etc.)

  87. Army 16

    2019 Royal champion 2029 John Wick

  88. Isabela

    I was happy seeing bash here, i thought carbon was out 🤔it would be nice if you would keep bash on presentation instead of carbon ,in fact I would be happy to see anyone instead of carbon....his just annoying

  89. Luka Pavlovic

    Nobody: Baby dragon: *Pshu*

  90. Miro

    Royal champion's ability is actually so small it should have 2 or 3 times to use her ability per a battle right?..

  91. xp yudodat

    Barbarians are dumb but they come in the right moment

  92. wodahs

    Well that just looks like an elixir golem with extra steps

  93. OobaroO #BÖH#


  94. Joe Mama

    Yeeti xD

  95. Second Blackjack

    It's a female Captain America that still has a lengthy stick. Sign me up!

  96. toni gain fan


  97. Nathan_Bee7

    Archer Queen: I’m the best female hero of all! Royal Champion: Hold my spear

  98. TheSuperlep Gtr

    Omg supersell u are crazy

  99. tarek tarek

    اللعبة سيئة ولاتعتمد على الحقيقة هدفها جني المال عن طريق الامتيازات والاستفادة من وقت اتصالك بالإنترنت وتعتمد على تحريك الغضب لديك محاولتين ابتزاز ك لدفع المال لتحصل على امتيازات اضافية

  100. Earth Pond

    She looks OP