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  1. Rango pistacho

    I'f your base is 11 use some bowlers too

  2. Karina Lopez

    Tz fa vshdhc dgavhqcmhwyyj dnandvffvdbvxfcabccdvdsbadfssddafs I

  3. Brandon Nguyen

    She said no stealing and what did she do STEAL SHES AN IDIOT

  4. Àron Pürzel

    Maybe the giant should train his intelligence......

  5. TylerPlays123 Game

    A TH7 Archer queen Grand Warden Archer tower with gear up switch Edit: and level 5 and higher wizards

  6. The Chipping Bird

    Clash of Clans and Clash royale never gets old

  7. Yarelijikjijmo Molina

    Thats so cool

  8. Neil Hull

    9:19 is what my village is.

  9. rat gentiment


  10. Leeh TR

    Chat global!

  11. SupZero Gaming

    This Moment when youre 7 years to late.

  12. yes Banget

    I know what he feel

  13. Ulaş Gazi

    Eight mice blender, one slice cheese


    Whoa! 2 builders in one hut. 5:40 I want it.

  15. Pietro Losito

    Top!! Omg

  16. John Patrick Rakoto

    Why do all the mister T quintuplets have unusually high voices?

  17. Гуля Примова

    Dr mujtaba ❤❤❤STEPHANIE clash of clans _KING_💪❤🔥💯💯👑👑👑👑💲💲

  18. Thani Gaith

    We dip


    Libyana have been banned by supercell, it is the strongest village in the clash of clans . It is 13th maxed . I hate the Game soooo much.

  20. darragh the epic memer

    Where’s our season 3

  21. HustrigoTV

    I played this game when th9 was the highest

  22. Random human

    Pretty sure all those 3 star wins are the people who raided my village


    Ummm...i am actually a big big huge fan of CLASH OF CLANS and big support to the teams behind it...But i actually have a terrible problem with one update! It is that new form of Requesting troops..I actually am saying this bcos i am in a req n go clan and this new update just destroyed all req n go clans...So i just wanna say that to please add a setting where a clan could use that kind of recruiment or not!It would be awesome if You guys actually bring this kind of setting to the Game...Still I LOVE THIS GAME....KEEP IT UP TEAM

  24. Hamza Babar

    When he said H0000000G RYYYYYYYDDDDDDAAAAAA i felt that.

  25. North West

    So nobody's gonna talk about how the baby dragon has those orange things on it's back and the builder just... jumps on

  26. Another Human Being

    And friends, this was the beginning of the steps taken to make our clan games easier than ever 😂😂😂

  27. Esethu Ngcobo

    this is cool


    Best parts for me 4:50 9:24

  29. Udit Shakya


  30. Сиплый Спраут


  31. Dvij Tyagi

    Heroes and P.A.K.K.A are the best right? Like if u agree

  32. Lisimal The 1st

    1:50 that’s life for ya

  33. Mig_ myboi

    0:56 Ah skip BLEEp right over BLEEP (wall) BLEEP BLEEp

  34. TK gamingHD


  35. Triple M

    Happy Birthday. But WTF video is this?

  36. anatahan lopez

    Itzu really good at breaking down attack

  37. totally not sans

    it''s just too perfect

  38. elektro ejderha

    Cok guzel ve sabir isteyen bi oyun

  39. ImpoliteDirector _

    Oh wait. This game is still alive?

  40. Mohammad Razqi Syahlevi

    petition to bring clash a rama and global back

  41. JC Barron

    The goblin sounds like ice king

  42. Frazier Lo

    0:47 What’s that music btw, it’s really good

  43. RezhaiCraft


  44. Ashy Animations

    the thumbnail is every apology video starting

  45. emoji

    1.why this walls are so expensive 2.why did you removed the global chat! we want it back

  46. •raia's _studio•

    Pls answer, how do you get seige machine's?


    make some more video please

  48. Rhhf Tshshd


  49. MeatballMountain

    Everyone gangsta until you run out of heal spells and the mortar and wizard tower start attacking

  50. parasect

    I would buy a toy like that that appears in the video, and I think they would sell well

  51. Khitam Alshawakh

    Me me me me me mee song

  52. Vaughan Bussard

    This is how d-day was

  53. Xah TheXraitor

    We've got a bootleg Captain America & Thor, I think many of us wanted to see if there'd be future update regarding Iron Man , cuz why not 🤷

  54. Илля Ермоленко

    Ето оооооочень крутоооо


    Who’s here after remodel

  56. САНЯ 9


  57. Sebastian Games

    Who is looking at the Pius butt the whole video? No? Just me.... Ok :/

  58. Samiq Agamaliyev

    Old el primo

  59. Mamta Guleria

    *_This is what happens in the village when we are not playing_*

  60. انزاوي ؟

    اكو عرب

  61. Steve Sturgill

    They won’t last 10 more years with their present programing.


    türkeş version

  63. Banks

    Actually maxed level king is a lot stronger than maxed level pekka

  64. FrozenChappy

    в такой бы Clash Of Clans я поиграл бы

  65. Bhupendra Dehariya

    Still im playing

  66. XDShan Uhwee

    Pause 4:30 or 4:30:5

  67. Abi Sheck

    😖😖I miss coc cr

  68. Nasser King Tube

    My favorite game is Clash of clans 😍

  69. Jim Wingen


  70. thetime - mercifull

    Can we have more 360° videos?

  71. Jim Wingen

    All is not anoder . Goblins .

    1. Jim Wingen

      (: but its no globins

    2. Jim Wingen

      But one goblin is a warning

    3. Jim Wingen

      All is not a warning goblin

  72. Crimson Red

    Imagine she could swing her cross bow

  73. ThisIsn'tLuigi

    Its so funny

  74. Soundslash

    That song at 6:00 sounds like something out of Phineas and Ferb

  75. ömer ytb

    knk nasıl yaptın

  76. Mar Perez

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  77. Tophat Spider

    1:15 TODAY LEARN: -FINNISH- ENGLISH for those who dont know, SUPERCELL is a finnish mobile game company

  78. Sanja Bedić

    Put yeti in clash royale too

  79. Twalib Hamza

    She totally kicks....😀😀😂😂

  80. Tophat Spider

    TH3 with archer queen?! ive seen rushed bases in C-A-R! but not rushed bases like THAT edit: why does the archer queen have a russian accent

  81. joad joad

    يا سوبر سل لماذا تكرهين العرب كل العاب يريدون أشخاص يروجون عن العابعم مثل فورت نام التي عدد لاعبيها مثل عدد لاعبي كلاش جابيني يا سوبل سر اريد جواب يا متريدينة قولي ونهي القصة لأن اكو كثير من العاب احسن من كلاش مثل بوبجي وهية مهتمة بل عرب احسن من كلاش

  82. rohaan khan

    Supercell please improve it because so much clans are hacked ,,hackers expire our email id on leader account and make them leader plz we need help

  83. Azrael Santi

    The problem to the other player except itzu is they don't have patience. They just dropping troops

  84. rizky ardiansyah

    Waiting townhall 14

  85. rizky ardiansyah

    My townhall 13

  86. Dark Oblivion YT

    Lol a th6 with a pekka and hog riders and golems and bowlers

  87. Great AMV

    Good old days

  88. Рей дан. 2.0 канал Давида

    Конец у сказки ( Рэймонд и Джулия ) такой счастливый прям до слёз!!!😃😄🤩😍😭


    2020 like here

  90. nizar rehan


  91. Danwidohw 20

    6:57 D o n k e y K o n g

  92. Sajib Ahmed

    Need global back badly👉😭😭😭😭

  93. Tharindu Heshan

    Pleasee add global chat

  94. Amrutha Suresh

    Bring some new troops from clash royal

  95. Sajib Ahmed

    Need global back 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  96. Azrael Santi

    Noob china lok

  97. Rango pistacho

    Clash uses the 😏 emoji The r34 community: 😏

  98. Exotic Gaming

    Super Baby Dragon!!!