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  1. Soy Liseth

    Anyone, 2020?

  2. Soy Liseth

    Anyone 2020?

  3. Anonymous Vlogs

    Sounds like taylor be dating some geminis 🤣🤣

  4. Rachel chan

    Still remember about this song Cornetto adsence😂 I miss this song a lot because i miss my childhood. Not because tiktok😂

  5. Desiree Jasmin

    who's here because of that tiktok video?

  6. Soy Liseth

    Love, Like si hablas español

  7. 19 ka schuhh 61

    And once again TAYLOR SWIFT, 😋😋😋🤪🤪🤪🤗

  8. Daniel Service

    I can't tell who broke more money's worth of assets. Dude perfect's rage monster or Taylor in this video

  9. jailynn mills

    Yeah I am

  10. Mariana Marrero

    Solo vine a ver eso otra vez por un fanfic de one directionJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ

  11. Claudia Menon

    Is the vedio from a cinderella story?

  12. Samii Lopez


  13. Blunt Man

    Omfg she has no talent at all

  14. Irdina Insyirah

    Who is Taylor and Brendon Fan? Tell me in comment!😊 Or pls give me like.Thank you!

  15. Ava Selvidge


  16. Kyla Shelo Verano

    So fun listening to taylor swift song I'm a forever Swiftie😍😻

  17. Irdina Insyirah

    I'm gonna tell kids they are Barbie and Ken...👱👦❤ But *Brendon is married*

  18. Nate Henise

    She acts so fancy

  19. Ava Selvidge

    It's weird the braves are T S

  20. Nate Henise

    Love her

  21. biorges1

    nicest legs!

  22. Mackenzie Hardy

    Is it just me or does this Taylor look the same as the mean girl from camp rock 2?

  23. Amy Marshall

    That is what my coach told me shake it off!!!!

  24. I am Kk

    Are you smelling it??? It is coming "People who are watching this video on Jun 2020 "

  25. Genniex Snip

    Sweet revenge

  26. Nadia Soledad Martinez

    Eyes 💦👀

  27. carlithow pabón

    Yo la amo

  28. Red Moon

    Lowest views Taylor has ever gotten

  29. Maria Leyla

    lol. I just saw loren gray :)))

  30. Juan Gonzalez

    Miss michoacana and the gobernor brokenheart( quirino ordaz coppel)

  31. Julie R.

    How I end up here almost 9 years late??

  32. Daniel Talbott

    One Breathe air in breathe air in Gloria Susan Tiffany Tina Airen Mandy Shina Sherry Two Breathe air in Airan Lonnie Joanna Terry Wanita Three breathe air in breathe air in Tairen Jairen Pairaire Aireny Aireny Four breathe air in breathe air in Barry Gary Jerry Larry Harry Terry

  33. Molly Brough

    anyone else get vampire diaries vibes from this or just me

  34. Malte Åsander

    "Get a brain, morans." 😂

  35. Randy Rome

    Taylor (not so) Swift is promoting mudsharking now. She'll probably get Nicole Simpsoned.

  36. Taina Lima


  37. ღ ყuк¡-cнคห ღ

    Yes. You are not the only one watching this while quarantined.

  38. robert starkey

    Miss you Mommy

  39. Laldingliana Saiteii

    Like is song 😍😘

  40. Larissa Marques

    O gatilho dessa música e o livro novo pra ser lançado em 2020, saudades do q vivi😭😭😭

  41. Heba K

    I just can’t stop watching it

  42. m j

    the difference between the like and dislikes tho

  43. alex the great

    top 10 animal betrayals

  44. m j


  45. whoopsies

    This video felt like one big fever dream

  46. Alice Walker

    Such a big fan of all your music!! Pray all is well with you, you are like a daughter i never had, thanks for speaking out today !! You remind me of myself i just have to say how i feel? Sweet angel!! Thank you!! Hugs and kisses!!!

  47. Alina

    who was this song about?


    When she’s dancing in her room with the microphone that’s me

  49. Ed Brown

    3 billion in 5 years wow

  50. ClanBez

    Worst elitist trash ever...

  51. Tilly Murray-Holmes

    I can’t believe Taylor swift is 30 and she looks very very young . Taylor tell us you Secret please 💜❤️

  52. Ladarriouswiz

    I’m a black male and I really vibe to this song.Thats how u know this shit a bop

  53. Styrus Senpaii

    Looking back it’s funny how the woman for Law and orders name is Justice

  54. Sally Modeste

    wait she's singing about the gut who sang humble and kind wow

  55. miguel hidalgo

    Todas mis lunas de queso. Jajajaj las adoro. 😘😎 paco

  56. miguel hidalgo

    Mini. Donde estas. Mini. 😎✌ el niño hombre. Jajaja paco

  57. The LiZaRdz

    This song was on TikTok? I looked at the comments to find things about the song and every single one is basically TikTok… disappointing lol

  58. Marilly Diaz

    love you sing

  59. Eva Young

    What a queen

  60. Alexis Gonzalez

    No sabes cantar

  61. Bryant Febryant


  62. Natasha Halloway

    Who else just realized its Jace herandale

  63. Mathyas N rubilar


  64. Mathyas N rubilar


  65. Mathyas N rubilar


  66. Mathyas N rubilar


  67. Ender_corgi822

    This has been my favorite Taylor song since it came out, and I was 5 then!!!!!!

  68. Nadia Romain

    J adoôre cette chanson !!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  69. Miserlei Mosones

    The day that is there no drama between artist

  70. Zizo Khaled\ زيزو خالد


  71. Gabriela Landaverde



    It doesn't matter if you're here from Tik Tok, if you're a new fan browsing though her discography, or if you've been here from the start (or joined along the way). If you're here, you have great taste in music.

  73. The LiZaRdz

    Did you guys see all of the TIK TOK/ Musically stars here?

  74. Jaqueline Montoya

    Como se llaman las canciones de Taylor ?

  75. Samantha Candy-Maker

    Cool song

  76. Suditi Sri

    im just going on a 2010 songs spree lol I'm so bored in quararyine

  77. kira:v :v

    Viva alguien en la cuarentena? >:3

  78. Wutzi Prack

    ;-) RUN!


    To be honest, I hated this song when I first heard it. It was everywhere. People hated on her so I did too. Then somewhere along the way, something changed. I wanted to know more about Taylor. Eventually, I started listening to more of her songs. By the time 1989 came out, I was a full on fan. And now when I hear this song, I get a little nostalgic. And I also realised something: I never hated it. I was just following what everyone else did. Once I started listening to Taylor, I decided I didn't wanna be like everyone else. Now I have all of her albums, I run a Taylor fan account on Twitter, I bought the rep magazine, I have Lover merchandise. I love Taylor Swift and I am not afraid to say it.

  80. Jana Cvjetkovic

    Somebody should make movies like all of her music videos... They are pure art

  81. Maria Santana

    2 bi omg

  82. John Smitch

    The white queen.

  83. Jana Cvjetkovic

    Bruh she got Elen Pompeo in this video and I've just noticed

  84. renjun'sleftoe

    this is one of her best songs and music videos in my opinion(':

  85. super dado

    And physically you can do this thing

  86. Kervin Junio

    May 2020 here 🤷

  87. Elva Villarreal

    Did you know that Taylor was both girls!!!I didn't know😱 oh and who is here in 2020??😁👍

  88. Jashi Do

    1.2M dislikes? Really?

  89. liburd orencia


  90. Richa Das

    That's my brain right after I finish preparing for exams...

  91. Tammy Saavedra

    Anyone noticed that the girl dancing in Lover is Misty Copeland, the first afroamerican in became prima ballerina!? Cheers to Taylor and Misty 💕

  92. Ester Evangelista

    I love ♥

  93. Merissa Makes Stuff

    I like this. She is sending a message that they aren't going away. 🏳️‍🌈

  94. Cep Kiky

    Haii aku pecinta Tiktok

  95. Layz M’dere Ahamadi

    😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ îim crying

  96. nafia zaman

    Who wants this song to reach 1.5 billion views?

  97. Elita

    Little did we know that everyone was actually taylor in disguise

  98. Sloane Cieckiewicz

    imagine exploiting pride month? couldn’t be me

  99. Amber Marie

    My favourite song from the Lover Album 🥰

  100. carol

    idc who she wrote this for, I just love this song so much