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  1. Anthony Smith

    That was a good prak

  2. Marilyn Brooks


  3. nalweyiso judith

    It, s like the hunter is becoming the hunted in this one, hihihihi

  4. samaaj riley

    I want to get a ps4 because i been helping my mom

  5. Marquat T

    It's hi heals

  6. Titi Martinez

    I turned post notifications 💙😎

  7. Kaleb Boyce

    Go prince family

  8. Maritza Silva

    I need to fart 🤣😂

  9. Johneka Dobison

    Team Biannca all day everyday 🥰❤️

  10. Strap Sisters

    Love The Intro 😍😍😍

  11. Dark_ Winter

    Woah. I’m telling you guys they new intro is 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Blue Blue

    in the second picture i can see the resemblinse of kyrie

  13. Moesha Allen

    Team Bianca all day every day

  14. Idresa Touray

    14:09 to 14:19

  15. nalweyiso judith

    You are being mean girl, but it, s working, hihhi

  16. Star Padilla

    Hi .:)What’s the name of the song ?

  17. Jamayha King

    Love yall video

  18. Phoenix Wiggs

    Yo idgaf. Bianca annoying asf

  19. Derek Sereal


  20. Leanna Romero

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌 this would be such a blessing u have no idea

  21. Parrishhh Williams

    He said yo B see uhn uhn its bae

    1. Nevaeh M.

      Parrishhh Williams Yo B? He calls her that because Biannca’s name starts with a B.

  22. Jaemar Watson

    Poor bby

  23. Kantrell Smith

    Your fat damien

  24. Derek Sereal

    U got it be strong 💪

  25. Demetris Council

    can I have the PS4 I follow y'all every time ppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss

  26. Lexi C

    I'm excited for you and glad Biannca's feeling better!😊😁


    Ok boomer

  28. A.J Jones

    Damn why y'all cussing

  29. Derek Sereal

    Poor baby 😢

  30. Jose Rojas

    My little cousin birthday is December 15

    1. Makaila Barry

      Jose Rojas mine is on the 22

  31. Kamirah Randolph

    Yeah she didn't had eagles

  32. Jose Rojas

    Can I please can I can I please get the Xbox from y'all because I never got a shout-out from any SVselr and my brother won't let me play❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚have a great day

  33. keldon letts


  34. Lalah Mitchell

    I’m about to go look at her mom face book to see what her exes look like 😂

  35. Barry Cushenberry


  36. Arianna Hurley

    Followed y'all on Facebook

  37. Messiah TV

    biancca cheeted

  38. Adrian Esparza Jr

    1 like and 10 prays

  39. bssni touir

    Prince family: New intro Releases a 30 minute video

  40. Persius Sasha Cisse

    Nah not even gonna hold you Bianca mom played Damien with photo number 4😂😂❤️🤣

  41. Karl McGowan


  42. Hailey Luppen

    I love the new intro love you guys

  43. Fallon Woods

    Biannca. Side on the gift 🎁

  44. JaceThe King

    10 out of 10

  45. tonya dennis


  46. mia mclean

    i am following you on youtube and instagram and facebook i am from jamaica

  47. iAmRalph

    Plz can I have the x box . I have only a 📱

  48. jen lobbins

    that picture 19 looks identical to kyrie. kyrie is bisnncas twin, no cap & as a baby nova is ya twin!!!! biannca you been beautiful since birth ❤️💯😍

  49. KAY Temple

    von came out the bathroom man im done 😂😂😂😂

  50. Queen Love

    Broooi in photo two and three Bianca looked just like Kyrie and in photo one she looked just like Nova girl

  51. Kendall Norris

    No joke! my little brother’s birthday is on the same day December11 OMG 🤣🥳🥳🥳

  52. Rebecca Case

    My friend sam likes bbq crickets 😳😂

  53. Keyana Jones

    Bro this is dudes in general I literally go asked the same exact questions about my ex’s and every answer is just the wrong answer noooooooooooooo CAPPPPP

  54. Evan Atang


  55. Tionna Yarbrough

    Pick me for ps44444!!!!!!

  56. Myasia Esquivel

    Taylor Bianca that you flirting with another girllet me just get this emoji and I can show her Damien and you don't play like that you don't 😮😯🧐

  57. Moesha Allen

    team Bianca all day every day

  58. Antonia N Bre'Ann moore

    What happened to the one yall building

  59. k.c basketball fan

    Ti me she is cute baby 🤗

  60. keldon letts


  61. KELLITA wilkes


  62. mike pags

    You guys are the best SVsel or‘s on the whole entire planet

  63. Khy're Thomas


  64. Yajaira Cruz

    McDonald's 🍟 are better

  65. Ayanna George

    It’s okay a B I was bald to when I was born you ain’t alone haha 😂

  66. petela laakulu

    CPR NOW Damien's dad: absolutely not hahaha

  67. Ada Zion

    Hope she’s alright

  68. Mallory Compton

    You both shouldn’t be together if Damien keeps over reacting for like the thousanth time and he treats Bianca like ooh you lieing Luke you gonna do me like that that’s what Damien says all the time

  69. Myasia Esquivel

    you make being a good cry and said you should say a pologize to her and that was a prank really with that was really sad that you did that to her but she going to get you back one day and how about that

  70. Khy're Thomas


  71. mia mclean

    I want the ps4 because it keep my compiny

  72. arihanna Lembo

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaca is your hair real

  73. Betsie Long

    I did what you told me to do

  74. luis rodriguez-gonzalez


    1. bssni touir

      Her: do you think we should get this one or that one Him: both Her: should we get one Him: get two just in case Her: okay one it is😂😂

  75. Dogla Ruby

    And bianca dit run away crying

  76. Guervens Benoit

    Loooooooooooooooooooov you guys


    I can’t pick either one I think both teams are even good team Damien Intime Bianka

  78. Guervens Benoit

    I did everything to win the ps4 i hopei win

  79. Damarcus Dukes

    both were good deals

  80. Rod Allen

    You don’t play like dat that’s not funny at all that’s not anything to play with

  81. Lil Biwi

    Sheesh them ps4 I need one

  82. Charlotte Taylor

    Can I have you man

  83. Kieron Wilkes


  84. Ty'T'onna Bethea

    Make this👍blue if you follow the prince family

    1. Adriana Hernandez

      I'm not sure

  85. Jia Coutant

    I wanna see their faces

  86. Tasha C

    I like McDonald's food better than Burger King food

  87. LaDonna Malloy

    And I like all your videos

  88. bri h

    well played damien

  89. Cassandra Jimenez

    Happy birthday handsome!!! Can’t wait for my son kyries 1st bday it will be baby shark also

  90. Laisha 203 Tavarez


  91. LaDonna Malloy

    It is molloy's daughter Keanu and can you give me your phone number by pretty Bianca

  92. Jose Rojas

    I am happy for you

  93. Corinne Elliott

    Bruhhh Damien chiillllll 😂😂

  94. Latoya Oddie


  95. A'Mariyah T.V

    He was doing to much on photo 6.. But this video was funny😂

  96. Ms79CHEVY

    Team Damien

  97. zionlove 45

    I love the into video❤️❤️❤️

  98. netta boo NB gang


  99. Naijah Dyrd


  100. kenya polite

    He mad for stuff that happened in the past