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  1. Malachi Bates

    That situation i would snitch

  2. Jamya Sam

    Team Bianca

  3. Leah Windley

    I hate I had to do it but they pushed me.

  4. Amanda Obregon


  5. Alize Beham

    Pecan pie

  6. daisja rynes

    when yall did not know wut he said he said yeah you got some money but u still f* ugly ....luv yall

  7. alexa J sargi

    I hope you haveing twins cuz it will be super cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Zarriah James

    Really funny

  9. JustBeing Jojo


  10. Matthew the Last warrior

    McDonald's is better

  11. Maliyah Bess

    I love biannca

  12. It’s Jay Jay Here

    I had a surgery like that too well different surgery

  13. Jelani McCowan

    Its sill team Biaaaaaacne

  14. Thbadkid Bad kid Jaden


  15. Lena Stout

    I love hot Cheetos

  16. Emmy Style

    Love it B nice job 💕

  17. Maliyah Bess

    he funny

  18. Bryttani Rucker

    Where do you live I want to see you in real life teach me how to do your dance

  19. Linda Todd

    Team girl

  20. they.ad0re.d queen

    Team Biannca Done turning on the notification bell and Subscribing

  21. Lauren mayela

    when he started putting food on him 😭😭💀

  22. Xaviar Abreu

    i truned them on

  23. Kazzianni Alexander Ceballos

    I love the intro song.

  24. Kharma Adams

    dq got tacos?

  25. aaron boyz


  26. Everton Bennett

    EJ party and DJ party

  27. Ladybug MiyahMarie11

    i eat my suff like that

  28. Alexis Pittman

    Thank you to do a challenge where it's a Mexican girls against Mexican boys

  29. Saquanda Walker

    Good prank but stil team biaaaaaaaaasnca sorry damien

  30. Dustin Lewis

    Prince Family I’m a supporter and love you guys dearly. My utilities are off and I am dropping a comment to everyone I follow to try and get lights back on my bill is $102.19 my cash app is Mamacita1031 if you guys could do anything I appreciate it and if not I still love you guys and will continue to like and watch and comment on all videos

  31. Nevada Marriott

    dj said kiyrie is sexey

  32. Bertanie Mondelus

    I can

  33. Kiana-Lina Pitolo-Pohano


  34. Sharnika Edwards

    This is the funniest video I ever seen 😂😂

  35. Lorraine Santos

    Pink girl

  36. Kharma Adams

    did anyone elses audio go out on the arbys part

  37. M S

    Pride comes before a fall.

  38. kadinesebastien

    Love you guys

  39. Amelia Meeks

    Bianca team

  40. Tramell Watkins

    When von put the pancakes on him I lost it

  41. Karen Bouler

    I'm the only biggest fan ever

  42. Lorraine Santos

    It’s your boy Damien and Bianka what I have for the do Ha

  43. Melvina Jackson


  44. Alize Beham

    Team Damien everyday

  45. Lauren mayela

    why he slappin her like that😭😭🤣

  46. Mia Murdock

    Team Bianka

  47. Gamer Things

    When he said I’m mad your mad big mad I thought he said Big Mac 😂

  48. Alivia Clark

    Hi 👋

  49. Aubrey Rivera

    I love you guys for my hole life

  50. Bethsaida-nov Jean Philippe


  51. Lifewith tyty

    I think it’s go be a boy but I want y’all to have a girl too .

  52. Maya Smith

    You just said it was good

  53. Schneider Jeansimon

    Merry Christmas

  54. Blu money

    Fist all team biacca. baicca song is the best . poot no ly yall be long in the street that a fact 😛

  55. Starvest Green

    It's not true Damien it's true Bianca's that it not the same

  56. April Maynor


  57. Leo Lopez

    Team Bianca 😎😎😄😃

  58. joyce cabral


  59. Innocent Rere

    Why are they whispering tho

  60. Angel Babyak

    I’ll treat you better Bianca🥺

    1. Mr Duck

      Angel Babyak ...

  61. Queen_Destiny ❤️♍️

    Can I get a shad our

  62. Gamer Things

    13:27 lol he looks like a man that takes molly or something

  63. Wasman Lafortune

    I think I know six nine has my brother my name is fnhesha

  64. Lena Jackson

    Team biancca but u should do a I had a miscarriage prank on damian

    1. Terra Leanna

      Umm wtf no

    2. Marina J


  65. April Redd


  66. LaShana Norton

    If I was older I would totally tear it up

  67. Alexis Pittman

    Team Bianka wins

  68. LaShana Norton

    This is my mom's phone but I used this is this Monopoly until she get in till she gets her until she gets her new phone Alexis is fine

  69. Tia Zingwe

    Happy late 23rd biannnnnnnnnnnccccccccaaaaaaaa!!

  70. Jayden Senter

    I love this song

  71. kid yumyum


    1. kid yumyum


  72. Lakeisha Holden

    Team Biancaaaaaaaaaaaa all day every day 😀

  73. ibrahim Lahai

    I’ll have the fish

  74. Dasiya Brooks

    Bianca I have a great idea when you guy make video like only you and Damien the intro should like of you and him but when it is the whole family then make a intro of all of you guys

  75. LifeWithBlu

    Yea you should do more ASMR’s

  76. Cynthia Wiggins

    Hi and yes I love y'all video s

  77. Lifewith tyty

    Get a Tesla !!!!!! .

  78. Derrick Mcmorris

    Pink one 😘😘😘😘😘

  79. Nolukhayo mbali Sokopo

    Team biannca😚😙all day every day yall

  80. Shaheem Fairweather

    why they whispering tho?

  81. Kera Davidson

    I like you hair

  82. Fights And Memes

    He didn't speak Spanish he said he been hot way before Corona virus.. And he said yeah you got some money put you still fucking ugly

  83. simply dame


  84. Quishia Brandford

    it's team biannca all day 😄

  85. Jimmie Whitehead

    I turned post notifications on please give me a shoutout

  86. Jasmin Lee

    Team Biannca

  87. Melisa Robertson

    McDonald's is my favorite food

  88. Lakeisha Holden

    Team Bianca all day every day

  89. tik tok videos

    Enjoy your life your brother Steve

  90. Kamri Sanders

    From the rice

  91. Kamri Sanders

    I know this was old but damien gone catch dieabeaties

  92. tik tok videos

    I support you and you wife bruh

  93. Callum Johnson

    They ask for 9 likes an get 127 000

  94. Widline Delpe

    I love your girl

  95. Maliyah Richards


  96. Lariah Tucker

    That ain’t even funny he could’ve drowned 😔

  97. Bertanie Mondelus

    This is sad to watch

  98. Widline Delpe

    there is sixteen

  99. Mercy Adams