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  1. Agus Blackbird

    R5 is calling FOR THE COPYRIGHT 🤣 "Need you tonight" has the original rythm.

  2. ツelemo2001ツ

    Une br

  3. Byron Campoverde

    Porque carajos hay tanto brasileño en los comentarios

  4. Gabriela Lamira

    Manu Gavassi brought me here ❤️🇧🇷

  5. Faze John

    I already can hear this song all over in Zara and H&M

  6. #TOP MAXI..

    Like dua lipa

  7. James Asher

    i think they borrowed from inxs i need you tonight. still a great song, js.

  8. Bengerman Browne

    chi town house...classic

  9. Miguel Innamorato

    like si sos suscriptor de Dua Lipa !

  10. Miguel Innamorato

    esta re buena del 1 al 10 le doy un 1000000000000!!!!!!!

  11. Me' Lyric


  12. Николай Николаевич

    This is INXS - Need You Tonight

  13. Curtis Dolan

    Can we just take 3 mins and 49 secs to appreciate the damn cinematography and transitions in this music video. That end bit with the transition from the plane through the glass into the dance floor. Amazing!

  14. clara tochihuitl soriano

    The best

  15. Vanessa Bernardo

    Que música😍

  16. paola carrizo

    love you dua lipa

  17. Sadraincloud Yt

    I do this every day for three times oof

  18. Bastian Labrin

    Is amaizzing

  19. Daniella Alvarez

    Dua Lipa with long hair : a photographer's dream

  20. Tom Arnold

    This video looks like I thought it would. Also she’s a lesbian.

  21. unicornios cursi

    Yo conoci a dua lipa en un concierto

  22. Shrek Fan

    Is it just for me or are lurk 90% of your comments in portugais

  23. Biontina Mallakaj


  24. Matheus Henrick

    Very Good 😍

  25. Ana Camacho

    Esperando el video.... 😩

  26. Sisvita Yudhiarti

    Good luck dua lipa and cool ,am indonesia 🇮🇩🥳😎

  27. BAMF Yho




  29. Safa Basheer

    She’s going to regret saying that(;

  30. Pedro Henrique

    you like


    qm ai é uniter ? a Any e a Sina dançaram essa musica qm viu?

  32. Italia A. Lopez-Maze

    I love your videos dua Lipa

  33. Italia A. Lopez-Maze

    I love your videos cuz lipa

  34. Tabitha Kimeu


  35. Ana maria Vásquez lopez

    😁😁😁😁 muy bien

  36. Alicia Dyminska

    ...wow 2 billion views this girl is a C . H . A . M . P . I . O . N

    1. Biontina Mallakaj


  37. Rebecca Ramkisoon

    okay but like who here in 2k20 pandemic ?

  38. Luchita arevalo


  39. Caroline Maxweell


  40. Keltu San

    Dua Lipa's style blended with BP all the way 😍 DuaPink is one the best things ever

  41. Jimin's No Jams

    Imagine having friends like that

  42. Pao Wolfhard

    YES <3

  43. Anonym

    The Best Albanian Singer

  44. feña barra

    Hello dua lipa!!!

  45. mohamed keziz

    I need support from you please Follow me on Instagram : @t

  46. Shirlene Ferreira


  47. juan Perea Rojas


  48. Willy Bellido

    dat bass

  49. Maestro Zenki

    se parece a joseline kelly

  50. Amandine HELLARD

    Et les français ds tt ça 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🇲🇫🇲🇫🇲🇫

  51. Jess Ann

    tenés la voz de todas las personas en el mundo en tu voz, you have every voices of the every people in your voice 😍😍😘😘

  52. Nevra Karahan

    Heeey türk yokmu ses verin güzel ülkemin güzel insanlariiii

  53. b o r e d p i s c i s

    resumió el álbum de j balvin en un video xd y sí, soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando hjjsjdhhdsjsh

  54. feña barra

    hello DuaLipa!! como estas?? Saludos desde Chile!!

  55. Ces G

    This song rocks

  56. Rita Benevinuto

    O meu nome é Ana Cecília e eu acho ela legal 💗

  57. Ju Scrr

    Dua's best song ever 😍

  58. Master18

    Dua Lipa and The Weeknd are bringing back 80`s vibe. They really should do a music together. Who agrees?

  59. Edu Enríquez

    2020 !!!